Electronic Arts’ Digital distribution platform allows you to Change your Origin Name. Here’s what to do.

Picking the right username can be a troublesome assignment in some cases, and a name you picked months or quite a while back can at times feel cringe-worthy, or as though it doesn’t address you any longer.

How to Change Your Origin Name?

Fortunately, EA makes it simple to change your Origin account/EA ID name to something you feel happier with and includes only a couple of basic advances. This is what you want to do to change your Origin or EA account name.

 How to Change Your Origin ID Name

What Is an Origin Account ID?

An Origin/ EA account is an account used for EA video games, the Origin internet site, and Origin Store. You can apply it to the EA Desktop App and shop to download games, growth packs, content booster packs, and patches for various titles.

Origin debts have become independent from EA bills, but they’ve seen that merged and each terms paintings interchangeably.

How to Change Origin Account Name?

Changing your Origin account name within reason is easy, with some steps required in order to do so. You have to note that you may most effectively change your account call as soon as every 72 hours, so in case you are unhappy with the name you’ve got modified to, alternate it once more some days after.

change origin account ID
  • On Origin.Com, hover over your username within the bottom left nook and click on EA Account and Billing.
  • On the EA Customer Portal website click at the About Me tab at the left.
  • Next to Basic Information click Edit.
  • Verify your identity by means of inputting the code despatched for your associated e mail cope with.
  • Type on your new preferred account name within the ID discipline.
  • Click Save.
steps to change origin name

By following these steps, you should now have changed to an account name that suits you.

Change the Name ID in EA Sports Origin

Changing your call on Origin is short and smooth, and may be modified as commonly as you need to offer you watch for the 72 ‘cooldown’ whenever. If you want to exchange your name in the future you may without a doubt revisit these steps.

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