Facebook Lite APK Download


Facebook Lite apk is an Android apps for low speed internet connections and low spec on mobile phones. FB Lite apk has been available outside the US for a last few years, and now it’s also available in the United state, too. Here are the download link for FB Lite Apk

Facebook Lite or Facebook Better ?

If you’ve were given a first rate Android smartphone and an amazing cellular records plan, I’d suggest sticking with the normal Facebook apps. On the alternative hand, in case you’re running an older smartphone or want to store cell information, there’s no damage in giving it a glance. It’s handiest 2MB, and the worst case state of affairs is you switch lower back. It may additionally be precisely the Facebook lite apk you’re seeking out.

I also was use of Lite apk version of Facebook apps since January 2015 when it was still under test in a many countries and found its use satisfactory for my purpose. thanks you lite apk team


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