IMovie Android Apk is a good application which you can free to download for your android mobile. You can create, and edit videos in high quality with it on your iOS devices especially iPhone, iPod touch, etc. This app allows you to create audio, videos and you can mix some pictures in a video with it easily. You can create a professional video in it which can get the attention of the audience.

It allows you can add exiting video editors into this video editor (like Viva video editor, Power Director video editor, and action Director and you can record your video directly as well).

Working with imovie android mod apk is very simple and easy. You can easily trim, cut, and can add different types of filters and effects to your video with a couple of clicks.

With this video editor, you can easily your video reverse or forward. Everyone easily slows down and increases the speed of the current video.

How To Use iMovie Free For Android

Step 1:

  • Create a new project
  • first, you have to click on the project button on the main panel.
  • Then you have to take a video from your gallery that you want to edit.

Step 2:

  • Edit your clip in a this app offers you many way to edit a clip
  • The length of the clip can can get, and the beginning point and the end point
  • A long clip can divide to multiple short clips
  • You can duplicate the clip as well
  • Add background music to your video
  • You can change the transition between clips
iMovie Android Apk Free Download

Latest Updates of iMovie for Android Apk

Current Version5.1.0
CategoryVideo editor
RequirementsAndroid 1 And Up
File size588.70 MB

How To Shorten Your Clip In iMovies Android App

  1. You can easily change the end point and the starting point also in this way you can short a clip in it easily
  2. When you tap on video clip it is outlined as yellow, then you can select the beginning and end point to short a clip
  3. Press at the start of the clip and hold the yellow bar for some time and drag it to the point that you like the clip to start
  4. In the same way you can change the end point, click on the end point of the video and catch the yellow bar for some time and drag it to the point that you like the clip to end

How To Duplicate The Clip Of I Movie App?

By using this app you can duplicate your video. It is very easy to happen with few tabs. When you edit some short clip and you want to need a clip that is used multiple times so you can add duplicate clip. Just tap on the clip and choose duplicate

iMovie Android Apk Free Download

How To Undo in iMovies Apk?

During video editing, it frequently happens that you did a mistake much time.

Don,t worry you can Undo a video clip in the iMovie app

Tap the Undo Icon present to the right of the main page.

How to Edit The Audio Clip in iMovie for Android Apk?

You can easily edit audio separate from the video. For example, you can skip the noise of the specific audio, etc. Here some steps you can follow and edit the audio clips:

  • First, move an audio clip
  • Setting a clip’s duration
  • Split or separate an audio clip
  • Video clips can be separated from their audio
  • The audio clip is removed from the project
  • To make the audio foreground, move it to the background

How To Slow Down To Fast Your Video Clip?

Sometimes you have to slow down a fast video or fast video to slow. You can perform this easily in iMovie Android Apk. If you want to add slow motion and fast motion in a video. Then you have to click on the speedometer icon

Below the clip highlighted in yellow, you will see an area. Now you can drag the beginning and the endpoint where you want to speed up and slow down your video.

Transitions and How to Change in iMovie Mod

  • None
  • Them
  • Dissolve
  • Side
  • Wipe
  • Fade

Slideshows: With the help of this app, you can make slideshows. Slideshows mean you can add some pictures in a video. Combine them into a video as a slideshow and you can add music in the slideshows to make your slideshows more perfect.

Merge Videos: You can combine different videos or you can add a part of the video into your original video by using this app easily which can help you to create a video for uploading on youtube.

Cut Video: Using this app you can cut any part of the existing video easily. ust import the video and start cutting the video you don,t like.

Rotate Video: Using this app you can rotate your video by any angle like horizontal and vertical position.

Transition: To make your video professional you can add different transitions.

iMovie Android Apk Free Download Conclusion

If you are using iPhone then iMovie Android Apk Latest Version Free Download provides you with a lot of functions for editing your video. You can give professional shape to your video. You can edit your video with this app and upload it on your youtube channel and earn a lot of likes.

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