Are you a Jio Phone user interested in the Face Lock application? You’ll find everything you need to know here. Smartphones have long had face-lock technology. But companies have always preferred fingerprint scanners for unlocking them. 

Many mobile providers have stepped up to the challenge after the launch of iPhone X, including:

Started to work on face recognition, and they are doing quite well. Here we’ll discuss the Jio FaceLock app and whether it’s possible to download that on your Jio Phone.

The Reliance Jio App allows users to secure any Jio phone, whether old or new. Users can connect their Jio mobile phones with Face Lock on their old or new Jio phones. It will require users to download the Jio Phone Face Lock App on their phone to access this feature.

Reliance Jio has launched this Jio mod apk to protect your phone using face recognition. You can now use the camera of your Jio phone as a selfie camera by using this app. So, now any jio phone user can use face identification features on their jio phone. Both the old and new Jio phones include in this package.

We will look at this Jio mod apk and see if it can do or not. It is true; now you can use this face unlock sensor on the Jio phone just like you can on a smartphone. Jio phones have front cameras, using the beginning unlock feature.

Many websites or youtube videos claim a trick for downloading Face Lock on a Jio phone. But no Jio phone users were able to download the face lock app. You will learn whether face lock is available in Jio phones or if it exists in a parallel universe.

What is Jio Phone Face Lock Apk?

Protect your apps using FaceScreenLock mod apk. You unlock it by showing your face, and it can help prevent your phone from being stolen. You can lock apps, like galleries or Whatsapp and Facebook, to ensure nobody can spy on you.

  • Using this application, you can lock your screen. By looking at it, you can unlock it.
  • Protect by the most advanced technology available.
  • Get the Face detection screen lock and enjoy it.

With Jio Face Lock App Apk, you can secure your smartphone using your face. Jio launched the free app to secure mobile phones by providing face identification.

Jio Phone Face Lock App

By using the Jio Phone Face Lock App, now Jio Phone users can use the mobile camera to unlock their phone by facing the sensor. With this, any jio phone owner can now use the face id lock feature on the new jio phone two or the old jio phone.

Let’s try the Jio Phone facelock apk, if you know about it. That’s right, guys, now you’ll be able to use your Jio phone as a smartphone with its apk sensor. The Jio Phone Face Lock App lets you lock your phone with your face since the phone has a front camera.

The face lock app Apk is available in the Jio apps store and Google play store for all Jio phones if you are interested in installing it on your device. Here is how you can install this application.

Features of Jio Phone FaceLock Mod APP

  • It is very easy to use
  • You can secure your mobile from this application
  • Thousands of jio mobile users use this mod app
  • Use the mobile camera to unlock their phone by facing the sensor
  • This app is free of cost
  • The latest functions used in this apk
  • Allows users to secure any Jio phone
  • JIO phone users can use it on both old and new versions.
jio phone fingerprint and face lock app

How To Download Jio Phone Face Lock Apk?

  1. First, you need to go to the Jio App Store or the Play Store.
  2. You can now find the Jio Phone Face Lock App.
  3. The install will start as soon as you click on it.
  4. Next, you must tap the Agree button.
  5. You can now lock your phone with the Jio Phone Face Lock App.
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