YouTube Go apk is an official YouTube app for Android devices. You can download videos from YouTube to your device using this app. So, you will not waste your data when you are watching a specific video. However, you do not have WiFi access.

It is designed for users who want to download videos from Youtube on their Android phones. Both Home and Downloads tabs are present. In this version of the Youtube app, you cannot subscribe, upload, buy, or create playlists.

Additionally, YouTube Go gives you the option of sending or receiving videos you’ve downloaded via Bluetooth. 

How Do You Use YouTube Go APK?

YouTube Go displays a single scrollable list of videos. They are picked up automatically from your YouTube profile, and you can tap on any video to see options for viewing the video. 

You will also learn how much storage your phone has right now, and it is up to you which quality you want. In both cases, it is possible to see how much space the file will take up on your device. 

YouTube Go’s most significant advantage is that it allows you to see the file size of videos before you play them. Thus, you know exactly how much data you will use to watch a video or download one. 

YouTube Go APK

You can then either play or download the file after selecting the size. You don’t get either by default. You have to set it manually every time, and the file starts streaming immediately as soon as it is selected. 

Storage preferences can be changed using the settings. This feature makes it easy to move files from phone to memory card. You can also remove the YouTube Go data with the click of a button, and this is a convenient feature to free up storage space.

Moreover, you can either download or stream the video right away. Choosing to play the video also allows you to change the video quality.

YouTube Go APK For Android

Other YouTube Go users will also view the videos you downloaded. YouTube Go connects to other devices wirelessly. Therefore, sharing the video does not consume any internet data, and sharing the video is also much faster than connecting via Bluetooth. You get is very easy, but it works well without adding unnecessary features.

In addition, the app has some downsides. For example, you can use many features if you use a regular YouTube app. However, some parts are not accessible in this app. Due to the app’s simplicity, only popular videos display on the home screen. 

You cannot subscribe to the app. The only option is to search the recommendations or browse the search results. But that might not suit your taste. 

YouTube Go APK

You can also minimize video playback while it’s playing. YouTube Apps are the only ones that have this feature, so it is a luxury. So, let’s sum up how this app is good and evil.

Which is Better, YouTube or YouTube Go?

In comparison with the standard YouTube application. The video service YouTube Go is a lightweight version of YouTube. You can now enjoy offline viewing of YouTube on all of your smartphones regardless of the system or connection you use. 

Note that the lite edition isn’t available on all operating systems. So, you cannot enjoy it on iOS or PC devices, but only on Android.

You can monitor how much storage and data you are using. By using this app, you can see your total data consumption from streaming and downloading videos in real-time. Streaming replacements provide this feature exclusively. 

YouTube Go APK

One disadvantage is that it lacks an online sharing feature for Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube’s basic app. However, it does allow users to share with other YouTube Go users nearby.

Features of Youtube Go Apk

  • YouTube provides thousands of Videos, and this platform allows users to post and watch short videos.
  • You can watch Netflix shows on the go, and videos can be easily edited and enhanced with effects.
  • Stream music from YouTube with this official app.
  • You can download any video free of cost
  • Download videos in HD format and others
  • The most noteworthy feature is the download of videos. 
  • Other excellent options are also available with YouTube Go. 
  • Users can preview videos before streaming or downloading them. 
  • The video content is presented only in a few still images to minimize data usage. 
  • Essential quality videos are also available for viewing.

Additional Info About YouTube Go MOD

NameYoutube Go Apk
RequirementsAndroid 4.1 or higher.

Pros of Youtube Go Apk Old Version

  1. By minimizing data usage, it can reduce overall costs.
  2. By using it, you can estimate how much data you’ll spend on a video.
  3. The user interface is easy to use.
  4. Using the app, you can download any video you want.

Cons of Youtube Go Apk Download Free

  • You can’t subscribe to it.
  • Minimizing videos is not possible with this app.
  • The search can only be done on the main page, through popular lists.

How To Download And Install YouTube Go APP 

  1. First, you need to download it from given below button
  2. On your Android device, go to the Downloads folder.
  3. The downloaded application YouTube Go Mod Apk is found there.
  4. Install the app by tapping on it.
  5. Enjoy Now!
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